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Student Lunch Options

At Ascend Leadership Academy (ALA), we understand the importance of nutritious and enjoyable meals for our students. That's why we've partnered with local favorites and My Hot Lunchbox (MHL) to bring a diverse range of delicious lunch options right to our campus.

How It Works: ALA utilizes MHL for easy and secure lunch ordering. Families can visit to purchase hot meals for their students. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. With allergen-labeled menus and customizable options, MHL caters to diverse dietary needs, ensuring every student has access to meals they love and can safely enjoy.

For any inquiries or questions about the MHL program, please contact MHL customer service at or call (888) 894-8295.

We are proud to offer these convenient, diverse, and delicious lunch options to our ALA family.


Bon appétit!

Weekly Lunch Schedule

Monday:  Tropical Smoothie-A refreshing start to the week.


Tuesday:  San Felipe - !Muy delicioso!

Wednesday:  Hwy 55 - Classic American flavors!

Thursday: Pizza Hut - A slice of happiness!

Friday:  Chick-fil-A - Ending the week on a delightful note!


Daily Options: Jimmy Johns

Enjoy daily sandwiches from Jimmy Johns! Place your order by 10 pm the night before for a tasty and convenient lunch.

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