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Bus Transportation

Ascend Leadership Academy has multiple bus routes available for students and families to utilize during the 23-24 school year.  Buses service students south of the school site in Harnett County as well as students North of the school site in Lee County.  Families must register their student for bus transportation to receive a seat on the bus. Use the link below to register your student(s).

WE ASK THAT ALL STUDENTS USING ALA TRANSPORTATION BE AT THEIR ASSIGNED STOP 5 MINUTES BEFORE AND 5 MINUTES AFTER THE SCHEDULED TIME.  To view the route details please click the link to the route you were assigned below.

23-24 Bus Routes


Route #1:  Harnett County North 

Variety of stops throughout northern Harnett County.


Route #5:  HC YMCA/Northridge/Highland Forest

Northridge, Cameron YMCA,& Highland Forest Community


Route #2:  Anderson Creek Club

Anderson Creek Community (2 stops) and NC-27 and Omaha 


Route #6: Carolina Lakes

1 stop at the Carolina Lakes Community Marina


Route #3:  Anderson Creek Fire

Anderson Creek Fire dept. and Lion's Den Powerhouse Gym.


Route #7: Carolina Lakes Combined

Stops at Carolina Lakes Community, Buffalo Lakes Road, and Valleyview at Oakmont


Route #4:  Lexington Plantation

2 stops at Lexington Plantation Community of Harnett County


Route #8:  Lee County Combined Route

Stops throughout the Lee County area.

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