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Family Aviator Association (FAA)

The Family Aviator Association (FAA) is organized to support ALA’s administration, staff and families in providing a school culture and climate conducive for student growth and development academically, culturally and socially. The FAA consists of an Executive Board and board-approved committees. The five committee’s are Athletics, Academics, Arts, Events and School operations.  We put ALA’s core values at the forefront of everything we do as well as  pride ourselves on upholding ALA’s RAISE values.  If you have any questions or concerns or would like to see how you can get involved feel free to reach out to the Executive Director, Kellee Buchear at  


Meet the FAA Board

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Kellee Buchear-JFP-8.jpg

Kellee Buchear

FAA Director

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The Director is the principal executive officer of the

organization. They supervise and control all of the activities of the FAA, When the Director is present, they preside at all meetings of the Board and develop the agendas. The Director Is also an ex-officio member of all committees of the organization.



FAA Deputy Director

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The Deputy Director is a member of the Executive Board and in the absence of the Director, perform the duties of the Director. The Deputy Director also performs other duties as are assigned by the Director or the Executive board.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Laura McGriff-JFP-1.jpg

Laura McGriff

FAA Secretary

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The Secretary keeps the minutes of the board meetingsand publishes them after the meeting. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure all proposals, motions, and votes are brought to the Board, seconded, and then approved or denied.



FAA Treasurer

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The Treasurer provides oversight of all funds of the FAA in accordance with ALA's financial guidance. They organize, document, and record all financial activities. The financial records are made available to the other officers upon request and are presented at each Board meeting in a monthly report.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Jenifer Fennell-JFP-4.jpg

Jenifer Fennell

Athletics Committee Chair

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The committee supports the Athletic department and supports all ALA athletic events such as senior night, concessions, and obtaining needed items for games. The committee also helps to support athletic fundraising events.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Jennifer Melton-JFP-5.jpg

Jennifer Melton

Operations Committee Chair

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The committee works alongside ALA administration and supports school staff to provide support for lunch and other major school events that benefit by having all hands on deck. These include events such as Red Cross blood drive, picture days, and front office assistance.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Becky Givens-JFP-6.jpg

Becky Givens

Arts Committee Chair

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The committee supports the visual and performing arts programs by providing volunteers and resources for events. These events include drama productions, chorus concerts, and art events.


Beth Feldt

Events Committee Chair

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The committee plans and offers numerous events throughout the school year for ALA students, families, staff and the surrounding community. Events include fall festival, winter festival, snowball dance, and high school dances.


Amanda Gray

Academic Committee Chair 

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The committee provides support enhance the teachers and students experience at ALA. The committee provides support to classrooms and academic function with volunteers. Some functions include Educator appreciation week, career week, classroom support, and academic clubs.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Janice Jett-Faculty-JFP-11.jpg

Janice Jett

ALA Administrative Representative

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Attends FAA board meetings and provides support to the Board. Advises and coordinates with ALA administration for any concerns or issues from the Board.

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