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Family Aviator Association (FAA)

The Family Aviator Association (FAA) is organized to support ALA’s administration, staff and families in providing a school culture and climate conducive for student growth and development academically, culturally and socially. The FAA consists of an Executive Board and board-approved committees. The five committee’s are Athletics, Academics, Arts, Events and School operations.  We put ALA’s core values at the forefront of everything we do as well as  pride ourselves on upholding ALA’s RAISE values.  If you have any questions or concerns or would like to see how you can get involved feel free to reach out to the Executive Director, Kellee Buchear at  


Meet the FAA Board

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Kellee Buchear-JFP-8.jpg

Kellee Buchear

FAA Director

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Kellee was appointed as the Executive Director for the inaugural Family Aviator Association. Her children have called ALA home since it first opened its doors; Tyler is currently in the 8th grade and Brianna is in the 10th grade. Kellee has volunteered on many committees and events throughout her time at ALA. She enjoys traveling with family, watching her kids compete in gymnastics and football, and working out at bootcamps. When she is not volunteering or cheering on her kids on the football field or gym she works full time as an audit manager for the U.S. Army Audit Agency. “I am excited to make this school year the best yet with so many parent volunteers! If you would like to volunteer your time to any upcoming events or would just like to get involved, feel free to email me.” 

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Shawn Jones-JFP-12.jpg

Shawn Jones

FAA Deputy Director

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Shawn is originally from Zanesville Ohio and has been in Sanford for the last 9 years. He retired from the military in 2014 serving in the Air Force for 4 years and then in the Army for 17. After retiring, he worked in the non-profit field as a program director and interim executive director for a national veteran service organization for 4 years. Currently Shawn works as a therapist with active duty personnel and their families. He also has prior experience as the President of the Parents Association at his older childrens school while stationed in Germany. Shawn and his family have been with ALA since last year and served as the middle school basketball coach. What he loves most about ALA is its small size and the closeness between families and staff so that the kids thrive in this academic environment. He looks forward to seeing the ALA community grow and expand as the school becomes a stakeholder in the community.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Laura McGriff-JFP-1.jpg

Laura McGriff

FAA Secretary

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Laura has two children that currently attend ALA; they are in the 8th grade and 11th grade. The military brought Laura and her family to NC seven years ago. Her husband is now retired after serving the country after 23 years in the USAF. Laura is a small business owner who designs and makes jewelry. She is excited about the opportunities and families the new committees are going to bring in. “If we all pitch in to help and find our spot, we can make ALA an even greater place for our children!”

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Angie Wood-JFP-3.jpg

Angie Wood

FAA Treasurer

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Angie and her husband Ben have one son, Eli. Eli is in the 11th grade and has been attending ALA since the very first day in 2018. Angie has a degree in Dental Hygiene Science from UNC Chapel Hill and currently works in Sanford for Dr. Thomas Hinks. Angie enjoys being involved in as many activities as possible at ALA because she believes if ALA succeeds then Eli will succeed along the way along with students and community. 

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Jenifer Fennell-JFP-4.jpg

Jenifer Fennell

FAA At-Large Member

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Jenifer is excited to have the opportunity to serve our Aviator community. Her family has been with Ascend since they opened and she currently has a freshman and two sixth graders. She volunteers as much as she can on various committees and whenever she can assist our Ascend family around her work. Jenifer is a professional photographer and runs her own business which keeps her on the go, but also allows some flexibility to be there for her children. Her children are very active in sports and various clubs/organizations. Jenifer enjoys spending time with family camping, especially at the beach, supporting and watching her children thrive in their sports (Soccer, Rugby, Gymnastics, Football and Baseball) and being creative.

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Jennifer Melton-JFP-5.jpg

Jennifer Melton

FAA At-Large Member

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Jennifer and her husband Bryan have two children, Logan 16 and Roxy 7. Logan has been attending ALA for 3 years and is  currently in the 10th grade. Jennifer joined ALA as part of the Administration support team in October 2021 and has enjoyed being a part of the ALA family.  You will find her in the front office answering phones all while helping students and parents when needed.  She has perfected the skill of multitasking.   In her spare time Jennifer enjoys spending time with family, reading and has recently picked back up roller skating.  She loves all things pink as well as all things fall.  “I really enjoy the ALA community, it feels like family. My son has flourished so much while being here, he enjoys being on the basketball team as well as the project based learning that ALA has to offer.”

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Becky Givens-JFP-6.jpg

Becky Givens

FAA At-Large Member

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Becky is a mother of three high school students at ALA; Faith, Joshua, & Issiah.  All three students have been attending ALA since the opening of Fall 2018. It has been a wonderful adventure watching the school grow and change every year. Becky has chaired many committees and events over the years because she enjoys volunteering to help wherever she is needed.  Becky has a social work background and has a heart and passion for kids and ensuring that all students succeed.  Her children love the theater and dance, she spends her free time going between school and the dance studio.  “I hope to see you volunteering and enjoying the art, theater, or choir events in the near future.”

FAA 2022-2023 Board-Janice Jett-Faculty-JFP-11.jpg

Janice Jett

ALA Administrative Representative

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Janice loves all things teaching and learning. She is thrilled to be serving a fourth year at ALA.  She recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to Mike, and is grateful for two healthy kids, college junior Zach and high school senior Julia. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, baking and reading!

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