“We believe that there is greatness in every student and it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for using and nurturing those talents.”

Our school leadership has identified the educational programs below as the core leadership foundations to encourage student empowerment in the learning environment.  These programs also are designed to nurture student talents and produce effective leaders for the 21st century.

Project-Based Leadership (PBLe)

PBLe is unique to ALA and merges the essentials of traditional project based learning with our unique Leadership program to give students unique learning opportunities where they use their academic knowledge to impact their local community.

Digital Media Curriculum

Each student will take Digital Media courses that will expose  them to the latest digital software and technology; receiving training in graphic/game design, audio/video production, animation, and programming.

RAISE Leadership Program

Our RAISE leadership program includes a curriculum that actively promotes leadership and the core values of Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, and Excellence.  Teachers lead students in weekly lessons that promote the use of these values in daily life.

Co-Generative Dialogues

Inspired by the work of Dr. Christopher Emdin, students will be empowered to participate in structured protocols with teachers to co-generate ideas for enhancing project work, classroom activities and other aspects of the learning community.

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