Mission Statement
 The mission of Ascend Leadership Academy is to develop successful student leaders by growing their self-efficacy, intellectual understanding, and social competence.  ALA will accomplish this by applying innovative teaching methods, incorporating student cultural realities and cultivating student ownership in the learning community.

Culture of Innovation and Creativity

Research shows that high-performing schools award greater decision-making influence to teacher teams and in particular, students than do low-performing schools.  At ALA, we create a school environment where students are empowered and take ownership in their learning.  Our school culture requires students to build problem solving skills that will help them have a positive impact on their community.   Students are provided with a rigorous academic program that will prepare them for college and life in the 21st Century.  Our innovative approach includes the combination of Project Based Learning techniques with the Leader in Me  program to develop our Project Based Leadership pedagogy.  This high-stakes method of instruction requires students to use their unique talents and academic knowledge to complete projects that have a positive impact on their local community.  


  view themselves as stakeholders in the learning community and own their learning.

  are able to identify a problem in their community and create a sound plan to solve that problem.

  are able to make appropriate decisions and use their time efficiently.

  work interdependently to create an environment where everyone learns.

  are connected to their local community and seek to add value to it.

  are able to collaborate and work in a group to achieve a common goal.

  consistently seek out ways to improve themselves academically, socially, and emotionally.

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