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 Ascend Leadership Academy has partnered with Schoolhouse Development, LLC to develop a facility to support their education plan. Schoolhouse Development is a reputable company that specializes in facility construction for charter schools.  Schoolhouse has developed over 50 charter school facilities and 2.4 million square feet of charter school buildings throughout the nation. Schoolhouse has developed facilities in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.


Harvey Faulk Road Property

With the help of Schoolhouse Development, ALA has obtained a 23.1 acre property off of Harvey Faulk Road in Sanford.  This property will be the site of all three phases of ALA's Facility plan.  ALA secured this property in southeastern Lee County to accommodate families in both Lee and Harnett counties. 


Below is more specific information about each phase of ALA's Facility plan: 

Phase I:  Modular Facility

ALA has acquired a 20 classroom modular unit that will serve ALA's student population in the initial years of operation.  This modular unit will  be efficient and effective and meet the needs of all of our stakeholders.  Construction of this facility is projected to be complete in August of 2018.

Phase I:  Modular Facility

ALA is currently operating in  a 20 classroom modular unit.   This modular unit is  efficient and effective and meets the needs of all of our stakeholders.  Construction of this facility was completed in August of 2018.

Phase II:  New Construction

While ALA is housed  currently in a modular facility, construction will begin in early 2020 on the school's new construction facility.  The new construction facility will be located to the south of modular facility on the same site.  This facility will be large enough to accommodate ALA's student population at full capacity.  This facility will also contain a gymnasium and other specific features that will support  ALA's  academic program.   The new facility will be completed in two phases.

Phase III:  Athletic/Extracurricular Facilities

Once the new construction facility is complete, ALA will look to expand its' athletic and extracurricular facilities to enhance the academic experience for our students.  This could include athletic fields, gymnasiums, and an auditorium.

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