Dress Code/Uniform

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ALA’s Board of Directors created a dress code to help promote unity by encouraging a sense of belonging and pride in the school community.   It is also designed to discourage bullying, victimization and socio-economic discrimination.  It reduces social pressure and peer conflicts and encourages students to concentrate more on their studies than on their wardrobe by creating a learning environment free of unnecessary distractions. ALA’s dress code is designed to promote school unity and pride. 


Top colors are solid Grey, White, Black or Navy. 

  • All tops should be either a solid colored collared shirt, crew neck shirt, or official Ascend Leadership Academy apparel. 

  • Tops must be solid in color, no see-through material. Shirts may not have logos other than an authorized school logo. Other shirts cannot be layered on top of the official school shirt.​

Sweaters, Vests, or Hooded Sweatshirts: Must be solid in color, flat or cable-knit, no logo other than school authorized logo. Acceptable colors of sweaters, vests, or hooded sweatshirts are grey, white, black and navy.​ 

Knit Cardigan: Crew or V-neck, solid in color, flat or cable-knit, button or zipper front, no logo other than school authorized school logo, must have a dress code shirt underneath. Acceptable colors of knit cardigans are grey, white, black and navy.​

Jackets & Coats: Must be long sleeved, button down or zipper front. All jackets, coats, pullovers and hoodies, worn in the school building, must be solid in color and worn with a dress code shirt underneath. Acceptable colors of jackets and coats are grey, white, black and navy.  If a student wears a jacket or coat that do not meet this requirements they must remove it once they enter the school building.



Bottom colors are solid Navy Blue, Grey, Black, Khaki and White.​

Pants, Capris or Shorts: Must be solid in color, not faded, and sized appropriately.  Bottoms can be leggings/jeggings, or athletic pants/shorts as long as they are solid in color and meet the color requirements.  Blue jeans are not acceptable. 

All bottoms should be sized appropriately and should not reveal the undergarments of any student.  Students who wear bottoms that are too tight, short, or big will be considered out of dress code. 

Skirts: Pleated, straight, or A-line. Must be worn in “bottom colors”.   No denim, no lace, no leather, no slit above knee level. Solid tan, white, navy or black leggings may be worn underneath.  Acceptable colors for skirts are navy blue, grey, black, khaki and white.



Shoes: Must be matching with no holes. No flip flops, no slides, no slippers, no characters, no lights, and no wheels. Sandals must have a back/heel strap on them.

Hats, Bandanas, Sunglasses and Beanies: Items are not allowed inside the school building at any time. Students are permitted to wear items outside of the school building. These items should not display any obscene, profane, gang related, or drug related messages or ideas.

Spirit Day Guidelines: You may wear a grey, white or blue dress code shirt, spirit shirt or ALA issued shirt in dress code colors. You may wear jeans. 

College Day Guidelines:  You may wear a top with a College/University logo or lettering displayed on it.  You may wear jeans.  

Dress Down Day Guidelines: You must be in modest clothes, with no offensive, or gang references. Administration’s discretion is applied.​​​​