Ascend Leadership Academy has three bus routes available for students when we are in Plan A (4-day in person instruction due to COVID-19) for the 2020-21 school year. All students attending in person who were approved to receive transportation will receive it all 4 days of in person instruction starting on Monday, April 19th.  Two buses will service students south of the school site in Harnett County. One bus will service students North of the school site in Lee County.  

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Bus Transportation

20-21 ALA Bus Routes

WE ASK THAT ALL STUDENTS USING ALA TRANSPORTATION BE AT THEIR ASSIGNED STOP 5 MINUTES BEFORE AND 5 MINUTES AFTER THE SCHEDULED TIME. All students who applied for bus transportation should have received their route assignment, stop and stop times in a official communication from ALA.  To view the route details please click the link to the route you were assigned below.

Plan A 4-day in-person Routes (Starting Monday, April 19th)

Harnett County Combined Route

Anderson Creek Route

Lee County Route